We are very pleased to announce that, thanks to a grant of 20,000 from the Big Lottery Fund and a grant of 10,000 from the Environment Agency we hope to open our brand new two-lake facility in Barking Tye, in 2006. The venue will incorporate Woody's Lake and the Match Lake.

Each lake is well stocked with a variety of fish, Woody's with small common and mirror carp, tench, golden orfe, roach and rudd; the Match Lake with more traditional silver fish species, as well as tench and crucians.

All the platforms will accommodate anglers in wheelchairs, and the on-site toilet facilities will be wheelchair-accessible. We hope to erect a small, hospitality unit, available for making drinks in, coaching etc.

We'd like to thank the Environment Agency for their help and support, their grant of 10,000, and of course, the People's Millions Big Lottery Fund for grant of 20,000. This was secured, thanks to Anglia TV Tonight's viewers' votes. GVAC's head bailiff, Jim Phillips, has put in a considerable amount of work excavating and preparing the site, with the help of landowner, Tim Edwards. By the time the lakes open, a good two years' work will have been undertaken on this venture, and without the drive, ambition and technical knowledge of Ian Wood, such a project would not have been possible.

Once open we hope the venue will become a big favourite with our members, youngsters and SDAF alike.

The first fish-stock delivery was of 5850 small common and mirror carp introduced into Woody's Lake in June.

In December and January we received a further delivery of fish stock comprising of a good mix of bream and skimmers, roach, tench and crucian carp of varying sizes up to about 2lb. This time the fish were destined for the Match Lake.

All fish stock has been supplied by Quiet Sports Fisheries.

A follow-up to see how our project is progressing has been filmed and will be screened on Anglia TV on March 14th at 7.30pm.

Since the original work, a further grant of £500 has been received from the East Ipswich Rotarians. This funding has enabled us to further extend Jimmys' Match Lake. Pictures of this work can be seen here.