Needham Lake - Open All Year - Day Tickets Available

This is a very popular site of approximately 4.5 acres with depths to 18ft. The lake is stocked with bream, roach, rudd, perch, tench, pike and hybrids. The most productive methods for silver fish are pole and waggler; feeder and ledger tactics prove fruitful when after the bream and tench. The best baits are caster, maggot, worm and pinkie. Floating baits are strictly prohibited: all baits must be at least 600mm (2ft) below water surface as per rule book. Boilies are permitted to be used (in moderation) at Needham Lake for the 2009/10 season. Pike fishing and other predator species (including Zander) is only permitted from September 1st until March 31st and pike anglers must use only imitation lures or sea fish baits, again, as per rule book.

Angling on the River Gipping at Needham Market, east of, and adjacent to, Needham Lake, south (downstream) of the large tree behind pegs 22 and 23, is permitted between 1st NOVEMBER and the following 14th MARCH ONLY, inclusive (this rule applies to BOTH BANKS and STRICTLY NO ANGLING DOWNSTREAM OF FOOTBRIDGE).