River Gipping - Strictly Members only
Close season as per current legislation - refer to your rod licence.

We control four sections; including Green’s Meadow and Pike’s Meadow, Stowmarket. These sections are very narrow and shallow but hold a stock of quality roach and chub; a roving/stalking approach is most productive.

At Needham Market, we control the section adjacent to the lake, and that upstream into King's Meadow. This area produces quality roach, dace and chub, with a few tench. Most accepted methods will produce, with all permitted baits. Chub of 5lbs plus and large roach have been landed on these stretches. Angling on the River Gipping at Needham Market, east of, and adjacent to, Needham Lake is permitted during the (river) coarse fishing season (see rod licence). It is hoped that platforms will be erected along the stretch, as pegging is on both banks. THERE IS STILL STRICTLY NO ANGLING DOWNSTREAM OF FOOTBRIDGE OR FROM THE BRIDGE ITSELF.

The fourth section - Riverside - is at Great Blakenham/Claydon and members may fish stretches either side of the bridge. This site can produce good roach nets and occasional chub. All permitted baits: maggot, caster, worm and punched bread, work well, with pole tactics, or running line. If there is a good flow try running a stick float through, varying its pace until the fish respond.